13 November 2022

Maria Yankova-Mladenova, PhD
Voice for every child: supporting children with communication difficulties

Evgeniya Hristova, PhD
New AAC resources in Bulgarian

In this presentation, new AAC resources in Bulgarian, developed by ASSIST – Assistive Technologies Foundation are presented:

  • Communication boards for printing (link)
  • Training program for children with speech impairment and fine motor skills impairment using eye control (the activities are implemented in Communicator 5 and partially – in Grid 3)
  • Methodology and guidance for teaching children who use eye control – book in Bulgarian (print and digital)
  • Assistive Technologies for AAC: Types and Applications – digital book in Bulgarian (link)

Pavlina Deskova & Christina Davcheva
The Experience in CSES Pleven: AAC – to discover, to develop, to apply in everyday life

Velina Mitreva & Dimiter Kozarev
The Power of AAC for developing new pathways to personalised teaching of children with motor disabilities

María Rodríguez, PhD
Qinera’s solutions for Access, Participation and easy environmental control

Qinera (former BJLive!), a company based in Spain which manufactures and provide AT solutions worldwide, proposes alternative ways for accessing computers, smartphones, and dedicated communication devices when the eye tracking is not an option, or as an alternative when eyes get tired at the end of the day. Besides, participating with the communication device is a great option when moreover it is possible to carry out funny cause-and-effect activities and execute easy environmental control actions. An overview of our best solutions for access, participation and easy environmental control will be given in this presentation.

Nadine Farris
Cosmo – Inclusive Learning, Therapy and Play

special educational and therapy needs. Cosmo can be used to support the development of Joint Attention, Turn Taking, Choice Making, Collaboration, Motor Skills, Language, Sequencing, Waiting, Sensory Awareness and more. Cosmo consists of two parts; a set of light-up, multi-colour Bluetooth switches and an iPad App featuring highly motivating, intuitive activities designed by teachers and Occupational, Physical and Speech & Language Therapists.

Aneta Morfova & Elena Gorcheva
AAC since the beginning of my life

In the presentation, we will present the experience of the therapists from the “Karin Dom” Foundation – Varna, in using augmentative and alternative forms of communication that we introduce when starting therapy in the center. We will introduce you to two children (one with CP and the other with Rett Syndrome), their journey and the strategies we implement.

Anna Dincheva
AAC in the practice – communication above all

Pannel Discussion
AAC in Bulgaria